14. 11. 2013

Manager of Junkers Profly survived by the use of the Magnum Rescue System

On 15/08/2013 in the north of Kulmbach airfield at about 12:20 clock the pilot had to activate the ballistic rescue system of his ultralight aircraft, which helped him to survive the emergency landing in a forest unharmed.

Anyhow the ultralight aircraft of the type "Duo Banjo" lost from one second to the other rapidly height, therefore the pilot Steffen Haselmann made the only right decision - activation of the Magnum rescue system.

Steffen Haselmann: "The sudden decent of the plane quite near to the ground, I was immediately aware, that I will not be able to get the plane in any suitable position. So I activated the rescue system at once!"

The pilot also expressed that his quick decision to use the Magnum rescue system was based on the theoretical instruction in the subjects of "pyrotechnics" and "Operational Procedures" during his pilot training. He reported that he activates the rescue system at an altitude of about 80-100 meters above the treetops.

The opened parachute slowed the fall immediately and the pilot brought gently to the ground. The system was activated by the first spinning rotation.

"When I heard the sibilance of the rocket, I was conscious - the rescue system is working. That parachute was opened, I realized by the reduction of the descend rate. Surprisingly, I could not register a significant opening shock. It can be better described as a gentle braking motion. "

Only the place of the crash was quite dangerous. It was in a dense forest, so the aircraft with a wingspan of 16 meters was badly damaged. To the astonishment of the first aider and emergency service rushing to the scene of the accident, the pilot had already left the plane before they arrived.

"The next moment my plane touched the first treetops with about 15 ° nose down, by hanging canopy I slipped smoothly through them due to the decent rate of 5 m / s. Also, the contact with the ground felt very gentle. The soft forest floor and the canopy, which got caught in the treetops, caused a very soft landing."

The young pilot survived the crash apart from minor scratches and some black spots almost unharmed. Those were probably due to the tightened seatbelt and the following exit from the aircraft.

A similar accident with an aircraft without ballistic rescue system would have been absolutely fatal, as an exit with a personal parachute in this height would have been impossible.

Manager of Junkers Profly survived by the use of the Magnum Rescue System