11. 06. 2014

Rescue - Airport Pohlheim/Germany

Rescue system: Magnum 450
Date of manufacture: 05/2005

Repacked: 03/2010

Rescue as pilot described it:

May 31, I flew with a passenger with our trike Royal 912. Takeoff weight was approx. 430 kg.

We enjoyed flight in calm weather with good visibility.At the end of the flight I took another sharp turn to demonstrate the "dynamics" in flight with trike. During the latest maneuver, which began at about 400 m, we were too slow and trike got into a steep spiral. Try to get out of this situation was unsuccessful. According to witnesses on the ground the steep spiral was described as a screw, still towards the ground. I was totally surprised by the reaction of the trike. And in a while I had no control over the trike. We were falling down very quickly; I guess 15 m / s. Then I decided to pull the handle of rescue system at about 200 meters above the ground. There was a small “explosion”. Shortly thereafter, the spiral move slowed and then the rotation stopped. I was surprised that parachute opened so quickly with no big impact. We went down from a height of 100 meters with an estimated speed of 6 m / s. We landed in the open field, first on the undercarriage.

I was completely uninjured. My passenger had slight pain in the neck / shoulders. After treatment in the hospital he was released home in the evening. I am glad that the rescue system worked and that it brought us without swinging or rotational movement to the ground. All heights and descent rate are estimated.

My sincere thanks to manufacturers for production and development of rescue systems. It showed again how much useful the rescue system is.

Our statement:

Thanks to sufficient rocket engine´s thrust the whole parachute was pulled out even through such a small hole, that remained after jam of cover. But the damaged parachute still was able to save the crew!

The rescue system Magnum 450 was built into the trike in a way, that it was covered with laminate sheet. The container was installed in a way that there was not enough space to falling away of the container´s duralumin cover. It would be sufficient to aim it more downwards and everything would be all right.

In this case, after the activation of rescue system the cover released, but instead of falling away and make way for parachute, it jammed in insufficient size of hole in trike´s laminate sheet.

The rocket motor cable, which pulls the parachute from the container, damaged duralumin cover. Therefore there were sharp edges that damaged the pulled parachute.

This incident should be a lesson for users to make proper installation of the rescue system. They should follow the manufacturer´s instructions or consult the installation with manufacturer. This type of rescue systems in duralumin container is primarily intended for installation in aircraft, where it is installed separately, so there is no obstacles when activated! In the case that is located behind a removable cover, the cover must be large enough to ensure smooth falling away of duralumin cover after activation! It would be more appropriate to install in this trike a rescue system design softpack.

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