25. 07. 2017

Next test of rescue system for balloons

We have carried out next test of rescue system for balloons (utility model application no. PUV 2017 - 33369), this time with a partially inflated balloon. The hot air balloon was taken up by using a helicopter and then launched at zero speed to the ground. Than the rescue system was activated. Tests passed successfully. We will be able to offer our customers this solution of rescue in case of emergency soon. 

Please see pictures below. You can also see the video from the test here: https://youtu.be/DmrK4yr0TSw


L1070856.jpg L1070868.jpg L1070872.jpg L1070874.jpg L1070877.jpg L1070879.jpg L1070928.jpg L1070950.jpg L1080003.jpg L1080009.jpg L1080020.jpg L1080038.jpg L1080049.jpg L1080052.jpg L1080055.jpg L1080058.jpg L1080074.jpg L1080105.jpg