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20. 04.

AERO Friedrichshafen 2016

We would like to thank all colleagues and customers, who visited our stand at AERO Friedrichshafen 2016. We spent a really nice time with you.



AERO Friedrichshafen 2016 více
21. 10.

Rescue in France - Albatros

8th September 2015, France - Accident of ULM Albatros occurred.

In the words of the pilot there was a failure of the construction at the altitude approx. 400 m. above ground.

The aircraft came into rapid spin and fell headfirst down.

“I pulled the handle of the parachute without stopping the engine! The rocket worked well and the parachute opened. The speed of the fall rapidly decreased and the rotation too. I got out off the aircraft without in ...
Rescue in France - Albatros více

31. 08.

Rescue in France - Shark

In mid-July there was next case of rescue by rescue system Magnum in France.

When flying at a higher altitude and higher speed Shark aircraft had sudden vibrations, likely caused by the failure of the propeller. Problems arose relatively high, but the pilot decided to use RS Magnum 501 at a very low altitude (about  500 feet). The rescue system worked properly. The aircraft landed on trees, the pilot is unharmed, the aircraft is repairable.

Rescue in France - Shark více
03. 08.

Magazine AeroHobby

The July - August issue of the magazine AeroHobby deals, among other things, with the exhibition EFA in Kbely, which we participate in. You can find brief mention of our stand on page 5.



Magazine AeroHobby více
09. 05.

Activation of RS - AeroMobil, Slovakia

Slovak car AeroMobil crashed during one of the test flights near Nitra, Slovakia.
According to witnesses, the pilot lost control of the machine at altitude about 300m above the ground, then he decided to activate the rescue system Magnum. The pilot escaped without injury.

You can find more information and the reportage here:

http:// ...
Activation of RS - AeroMobil, Slovakia

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