NP - Cargo parachute with various max.load

NP - Cargo parachute with various max.load

Cargo parachute for different load

Parachute and Containers Air-to-Ground Transportation System 

Parachute and container air-to-ground transportation system represents a new solution to cargo transportation. This new system allows transportation of cargo both by the Mi-4, Mi-17, Mi-19, PZL Sokol helicopters and by turboprop transport aircraft of the L-410, L-610, An-24 and An-26 types. Carriage by current NATO transport aircraft is quite possible, too.   

System’s Main Applications:

  • Storage and hauling of cargo
  • Airborne military operations
  • Rescue operations (flood relief; natural disasters, where the precise air-drop primarily from the helicopters is being needed)
  • Protection of troops against bullets and splinters

It is advantageous mostly because of the relatively low filling power needed for opening and filling attained by use of attenuating diaphragm (slider)

  • Parachute canopy is manufactured from very light and tensile strength fabric
  • Parachute is pressed under high pressure. That makes the advantage of its small size and better operation when opening
  • Delivery is possible as softpack (ie. pressed into a linen container of relatively small size) or in conventional containers

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