NK - General use cargo container (Max load 500 kg)

NK - General use cargo container (Max load 500 kg)

Airdrop container/parachute kit combination

This combination offers a universal solution for cargo transport and airdrop from Soviet era aircraft and from the fleet operated by NATO members. This new system allows airdrops from helicopters such as MI-4, MI-17, MI-19, Sokol etc., and from traditional cargo aircraft such as L-410, L-610, AN-24, AN-26 and from all NATO operated cargo aircraft such as C-130.  

System’s Main Applications:

  • Storage and transport of materials
  • Deployment of troops
  • Rescue operations during floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and other catastrophes
  • Shelter from small arms fire and shrapnel

NK - 500

Cargo parachute for weights of up to 500kg and maximum drop speed of 260km/hr

  • Basic dimensions are (width x length x height) 800 x 1000 x 800 millimetres
  • The floor of the pallet includes 150mm of impact absorbing material. Basic container is equipped with fiberglass wall panels. The bullet-proof (ballistic) version has bracing plates immune to splinters and bullets up to 9 mm calibre Magnum. The plates could be used later as flooring in tents or field hospitals etc. and the bullet-proof plates could be re-used for troop shelters at various check-points for example 
  • The container can be stored easily and it is readily accessible after an airdrop. Waterproof fabric used by production offers further possibilities for re-use in building various shelters against rain etc. Optional are other inner cushion layers depending on type of hauled cargo.
  • Besides the airdrop capability, these containers offer variety of use from straight storage to transport to outside weather protection.