Summary of all rescue systems

Summary of all
rescue systems

All plane rescue systems for:

  • Ultralight
  • Experimental category
  • S-LSA category
  • Paragliding and Hanggliding with rockete engine activated
  • Paragliding and Hanggliding

A simple search of specific rescue system

A simple search of
specific rescue systems

First select the category of your aircraft and simply find suitable rescue system by other parameters.

Installation and function of rescue systems

Installation and function
of rescue systems

Installation location for the MAGNUM RS and shot direction

Where not to mount the RS

Aircraft types and RS location

Aktivation of the RS

Minimum effective altitude for the use of the MAGNUM RS

Revision of rescue systems

Revision of
rescue systems

How often should we send the rescue system to the revision?

How is the revision proceeding?

My rescue system has been mechanically damaged / contaminated/the parachute dipped, will it be in future trouble-free?

How to send the rescue system for revision?


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