Magnum 450

Technical data    
Maximum permitted load kg 442 / 450
Maximum speed km/h
150 / 160
Rescue system weight
(including rocket)
kg 11,4
(l x w x h)
mm Ø204+60x535
Opening time at maximum speed s 2,8
Minimum safe deployment altitude (AGL) during horizontal flight m / km/h 80 / 60
Maximum overload with maximum load kN 22
Descent with maximum load m/s 6,3
Sleider   no
Container type   duralumin
Area 102
Repack interval year 5
Ballistic device    
Rocket engine type   Magnum 450
Total impulse at 20°C kNS 0,303
Activation   Mechanical
Burn time at 20°C in second s 0,57 ± 0,03
Certified by   DULV / LAA


We are preparing Magnum 611 for

Maximum permitted load kg 600


If you are interested in a balloon rescue system for different permitted loads, please contact us.


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