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Stratos 07 s.r.o.

In the present time we are focused especially on the production of rescue systems MAGNUM. Apart Magnum 450, Magnum 450 Speed, Magnum 501 and Magnum 601 produced for long years we develop at present rescue systems appointed for higher and higher maximum loads (mass of aircraft). Worthy of mention is certainly the newly certificated type of system Magnum 1401 for the mass of 950 kg and the speed of 320 km/h. At present proceeds as well developing of rescue systems (with one canopy) for masses over 1 tonne, it means rescue system Magnum 1201 for 1200kg, Magnum 1401 for 1400 kg and Magnum 1601 for 1600kg.

We are able to offer rescue parachute systems to the whole maximum load-carrying capacity of 2020 kg.

Rescue systems Magnum are determined for hang-gliding, paragliding, powered hang-gliding, powered paragliding, ultralight aircrafts, unpowered and powered gliders, two- and multi-seat aircrafts to a maximum of 2020 kg,  gyroplanes and helicopters

The reliable function of rescue systems Magnum secure apart from other things rocket motors of own construction, the firm has them to its disposal. They are together 7 types of tow rocket motors. We are able to tune such a combustion curve, which meets best the used rescue system. This all is a guarantee of a punctual and totally reliable function. Rocket motors of the series Magnum underwent on the basis of the Czech Mining Office desicion difficult state examinations for transport of explosives in the State Czech Testing Department of Arms and Munitions according to the UNO classification -RID, ADR,ADN, iMDG-CODE and iATA-DGR.

We develop and produce pilot rescue parachutes for the army, certificated in the NATO code as well as standby rescue parachutes for paragliding and hang-flying, inclusive of standby rocket motor stimulated rescue parachutes.

Hereafter we are offering special landing parachutes, parachutes for special use, landing cargo containers, etc.

Now we still, but more marginally apply on production of ballistic vests and special garment.

At present we use an extensive network of our dealers, who cover the world- wide market.

Rescue systems Stratos 07 s.r.o.

"Safety is our priority,

your trust is our goal."






    Ballistic vest and special garment

    The firm took heed during the whole time of its activity of ballistic vest and special garment production, where it in past won in several important selection procedures, inclusive e.g. selection procedure for the Army of tle Slovak Republic or the selection procedure for the French police in the branch of counterblow protection devices.



    Magnum 450 SSP

    From the year 1999 produces the firm the system Magnum 450 SSP, which was certificated in Germany (DULV) for in that time the highest speed in the world (260km/h), with the proof mass of 450 kg; further it became the certification of a type product by the issue of a type permit LAA ČR (Czech Republic) on authorisation of the Office for Civil Aviation §81 para 2 of the Civil Aviation Law No 49/1997 Dig. The development continued and so emerged new rescue systems designed and tested for various speeds and various maximum loads. E.g. the rescue system Magnum 501 for the maximum mass of 475 kg and the speed of 300km/h (certificated in Germany DULV), Magnum 601 for the maximum mass of 759kg and the speed of 320km/h and other.



    Production of rescue propellers

    After the revolution in the year 1989 started the owner of the firm the production of all sorts of parachutes, of aircraft propellers and ultralights. In the year 1996 was established a new firm STRATOS 07 s.r.o., which continues in the tradition of the firm JUNKERS Profly. The firm focuses from this time more and more on the production of rocket activated rescue propellers.



    Company foundation

    It is possible to say, that the roots of the firm Stratos 07 s.r.o. go to the year 1975, when the owner of the firm was at the formation of hang-flying in the than Czechoslovakia. He was the trainer of the national team and he stood at many of excellent successes of our representation, inclusive the victory at the World championship. From the very beginning of hang-flying made the pilots their flying means by themselves, they were flying without rescue parachutes. First used rescue parachutes were adapted rejected military parachutes. Under these circumstances rises the idea of enterprise in this profession.