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  11. 05. 2021

Company holiday

We would like to inform you about company holiday from August 2, 2021 until August 13, 2021. Thank you for understanding. 

  02. 03. 2021

Dan Johnson about Magnum

  01. 06. 2020

Test of rescue system after lifetime period

We also regularly test older rescue systems to verify their functionality. Below is an example of recscue systém´s test. It is rescue system Magnum 250 -after its lifetime period and it was 7 years without a valid revision.

  20. 09. 2017

Rescue Verl - Germany

21.9.2017 shortly after 4 pm during the flight near the city Verl / Germany - The pilot realized that he had a problem with the engine. He decided to activate Magnum rescue system. The parachute with the airplane landed in the forest then. The crew (pilot and one passenger) were able to leave the airplane themselves before rescuers arrived.

Rescue Verl - GermanyRescue Verl - Germany

  24. 07. 2017

Next test of rescue system for balloons

We have carried out next test of rescue system for balloons (utility model application no. PUV 2017 - 33369), this time with a partially inflated balloon. The hot air balloon was taken up by using a helicopter and then launched at zero speed to the ground. Than the rescue system was activated. Tests passed successfully. We will be able to offer our customers this solution of rescue in case of emergency soon. 

Please see pictures below. You can also see the video from the test here:


  27. 06. 2017

New rescue system for balloons

We have carried out the first test of a new rescue system for balloons, Utility model application no. PUV 2017 - 33369.
The hot air balloon was taken up by using a helicopter and then launched at zero speed and at a height of 250 m above the ground. Than the rescue system was activated. Tests passed more successfully than we expected. We are now planning further testing and we will be able to offer our customers this solution of rescue in case of emergency soon. 

  01. 05. 2017

Rescue Kleinostheim Germany

A 29-year-old pilot, who flew from Gelnhausen to Aschaffenburg, got with his plane into bad weather conditions shortly after 20 hours.

The pilot decided to turn first and fly back to his airport. But according to the initial findings he got into the clouds and lost his orientation.

Then he activated the Magnum rescue system.

The aircraft landed without further complications in the field and the pilot was not injured.

More information here:


  15. 02. 2017

AERO Friedrichshafen 2017

As usual, this year we will participate in the exhibition AERO Friedrichshafen, which is held from 5th to 8th April.

We will be very pleased if you come visit us to our booth No. B2 – 201.

Team Stratos07

AERO Friedrichshafen 2017

  19. 10. 2016

Rescue Idar Oberstein

20.10.2016 – Idar Oberstein - Germany

Shortly before landing the 49-year-old pilot was forced to activate his rescue system. The parachute opened and the aircraft landed in tall trees. Pilot was not injured.


  11. 10. 2016

Presentation of rescue systems Magnum to Chinese delegation

As a part of the Czech AZ solutions for China's general aviation, we had the unique opportunity to participate in meeting with the Chinese delegation headed by Mr.Wang Zhiqing from CAAC. We had also opportunity to present our products.

You can find more information on here:

We would like to thank Light aircraft association of the Czech Republic for the invitation to this event.

Gallery (Source:

  26. 08. 2016

Collision of aircrafts in Dlouhá Loučka near Olomouc

On August 20, 2016 occurred collision of two ultralights in Dlouhá Loučka near Olomouc. Bristell airplane pilot apparently did not see Evektor aircraft, that was fliyng over him. When approaching both aircrafts crashed. Evektor cut off by the propeller rear fuselage of Bristell aircraft just behind the cabin. Rescue system Magnum was used in both aircrafts. Unfortunatelly the canopies was not fully open, because aircrafts collided at a very low altitude, and the subsequent activation of rescue systems was made just before the aircrafts hit the ground. Evektor crew was rescued, but the pilot of Bristell died.





  21. 07. 2016

Rescue parachutes series PLUS

- Rescue parachutes intended for paragliding and hang-gliding

- These parachutes have very low sink rate

- Very quick opening of the parachute

- We are able to adapt packing of the parachute into your existing harness

- We offer also version activated by rocket motor

- Parachutes are certified by DULV / LAA

- Search of rescue parachute for a particular weight category:

  19. 04. 2016

AERO Friedrichshafen 2016

We would like to thank all colleagues and customers, who visited our stand at AERO Friedrichshafen 2016. We spent a really nice time with you.



  20. 10. 2015

Rescue in France - Albatros

8th September 2015, France - Accident of ULM Albatros occurred.

In the words of the pilot there was a failure of the construction at the altitude approx. 400 m. above ground.

The aircraft came into rapid spin and fell headfirst down.

“I pulled the handle of the parachute without stopping the engine! The rocket worked well and the parachute opened. The speed of the fall rapidly decreased and the rotation too. I got out off the aircraft without injury,” says pilot.

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