Rescue systems for aircraft, balloons, helicopters and gyroplanes - RESCUE SYSTEMS FOR AIRCRAFT

Magnum 901

Technical d​ata

Name Unit Value
Maximum permitted load kg 950
Maximum Speed km/h 320
Rescue system weight
(including rocket, without activation line)
kg 17,6
mm 240x280x500
Opening time at maximum speed s 8
Maximum overload
(with maximum load)
kN -
(with maximum load)
m/s 7,2
Sleider   yes
Container type   cloth
Area 206
Repack interval rok 6
Ballistic device    
Rocket engine type   Magnum 1000
(Magnum 1500)*
Total impulse at 20°C kNS 0,539
Activation   Mechanical
Burn time at 20°C in second s 0,86 ± 0,03
(0,88 ± 0,04)

* It depends on the particular installation

Download the manual HERE.