Rescue systems for aircraft, balloons, helicopters and gyroplanes - RESCUE SYSTEMS FOR AIRCRAFT


Rescue systems for aircraft

Are you not sure how to choose the right rescue system for your aircraft? When choosing the rescue system follow above all aspecially two values given in the tables - it are the maximal load and the maximum speed.

The maximal take-off weight of your aircraft must not exceed the maximal allowable load of the rescue system.

If the maximum speed of the aircraft (event. Vne the maximum never-exceed speed) exceeds the maximum limiting speed for use of the rescue system, the rescue system may be mounted into the aircraft in such case, that the pilot was in due form informed of the necessity to respect this speed for use of the RS. Both it is not recommended to install rescue systems, that are constructed for an important higher maximum speed and weight than has the aircraft, in which should be installed the rescue system.

The softpack or the container? This depends of the place of the rescue system installation in the aircraft. Rescue systems packed in the softpack are on principle installed inside of the aircraft. Rescue systems packed in a duralminium container are installed mostly outside of the aircraft. In the case, that they are installed inside of the aircraft, or if the rescue system is placed behind a detachable casing, must be this casing sufficiently large to secure after the activation a smooth releasing of the duralminium cover of the rescue system.



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