10. 09. 2014

Rescues in Germany - August/September

In the last two months we have two more rescues.

Rescues in Germany - August/September

The first one happend in Pohlitz, Germany on 7th August, 2014. When the trike was landing, some problem have occured, so the pilot had to take off again. During the maneuver he noticed a damage on undercarriage. He decided to take off to a safe altitude of 400 meters and then activate the rescue system Magnum. As the pilot said, landing was safe. Pilot uninjured.

On Sunday, September 7, 2014 an ultralight and a glider had mid-air collision at the German airport Koblenz-Winningen. In a crash both planes wedged into each other. Pilot of ultralight subsequently activate the rescue system Magnum and both aircrafts descended safely to the ground. The two-man crew of the UL and the pilot of glider were able to get out from the aircraft themselves. All three people were only slightly injured, as a result of a collision in the air. Mainly 17-year-old glider pilot can talk about good luck, because he would crashed into the ground uncontrollably without a rescue system from the second airplane. Magnum Rescue system, designed for UL aircraft´s weight (475 kg), fortunately proved to have large reserves. The whole unfortunate event have therefore happy ending. (pictures see below)


i5038_full.jpg i5038_full_0.jpg i5038_full_1.jpg